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Project Description
P2PShare is going to be the next downloading tool in the peer 2 peer range of software with support for file servers using HTTPS, HTTP or FTP and then allowing peer 2 peer from just clients so no servers are required unlike the counter part Torrent where a Tracker in some form has to be used even if it is the DHT network, but also allows servers to hold client lists for P2PShare files just like a tracker does for the torrent the aim of the project is to build the foundation that other users can then build on and create a grate peer 2 peer system where no one has to set-up server for the network to run this can be entirely p2p

Just another note this is not built to be used for Illegal downloading of any files it is built to allow big files to be downloaded from more than one source speeding up users downloads with out overloading a Server when there is 10000 users but making the 10000 users speed up every ones download.


Currently Working:

  • P2PShare File (*.p2p) layout and encoding are built in a .net DLL supporting overriding and your own extensions to the FileLayout but must extend to keep backwards compatibly currently at version 0.5 please see here to read more
  • Base64 Encoding and Decoding DLL to use in the hashes and p2p files DLL so to make sure exact method is used to prevent problems
  • TreeViewCollection Builder, this allows a developer to pass in the TreeView and the P2Pfile and it will build the treeview content tab indented and auto selection working.
  • P2PShare File reading and writing is built into a DLL so any client can use this DLL for handling files
  • Hash Generator create a 1 way hash for each file using time and MAC address to keep 

Next Tasks :

  • P2PFileList Builder takes in a TreeView Collection and builds the P2PFileList section of the P2PFile Object
  • Build the Client Upload server to allow uploads of from a given P2PFile,
  • Build a ClientList System in for use on php and
  • Build the Client Download system
  • Build a FileUploadServer System for use on php and
  • Build a Client that uses all the systems above and works with the .p2p files to download a file from another computer using the Client again

Compiling Requires

these are required to compile the test cases, the P2PShare code base does not require any plugins and never will!

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